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Important Information

Music Rooms Booking System

There are four small practice rooms, a band room and one larger rehearsal space which can be booked by students. Should you wish to be added to the list of approved bookers, please contact the college Music Administrator ( who will add you to the list.


The New Music Room in First Court, and the four music practice rooms in the Fisher Building, are available for music practice by members of the College between 08:00 and 22:00 on any day, subject to the following conditions:

1. No individual may book the New Music Room for more than two hours on any day, without special permission from the College Music Administrator.

2. No food or drink may be taken into any of the rooms at any time, except for water bottles.

3. The New Music Room may only be booked for musical use. Any other requests must be submitted to the College Music Administrator for approval.

4. During vacations the above arrangements shall continue to apply, except that the Catering and Conference Department may exceptionally suspend the availability of the Fisher Building practice rooms, or of the New Music Room, on occasions when conference activities in the Fisher Building Foyer or the Old Music Room would be disturbed by their continued use. At least seven days’ notice of any such suspension shall be given.


Any comments on the condition of, or request to move the pianos, should be forwarded to the college Music Administrator (


The Band Room in Cripps Basement uses the same booking system as above. The system for requesting the use of kit is to contact the College Music Administrator ( When given permission she will log it on the Porters calendar and only those whose names appear on this will be given the key.

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